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Pay for a new website the same way you pay for a new cell phone! Instead of spending thousands of dollars upfront for professional web design, pay off the design fee while you use your new website!

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What's the Process?


Design Consult

Determine your website design needs and calculate your design fee through 36 months.

Service Package

Choose your digital service package. Consider how often you need changes and website solutions for your business.

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We'll build your boosted website while you sit back, relax and pop a cold one; because your life just got a whole lot easier.

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Take a look at this website we created for a Canadian Fishing Resort. It has features for online booking, online payment, auto-play video, and beautiful aesthetic.
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BoostedWeb Design offers quicker design, and more tools than anyone else.

SSL Site Security

SSL site security is a method of encryption over the internet that is specific to your site. It prevents hackers from obtaining important information such as credit card info, email addresses, and other personal information.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great tool for small businesses. Visual aesthetic sells and it's important for your business to stand apart from your local competitors.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) supplies heavy media such as videos and images from servers all around the world. Your global customers get faster access to your site because those media files are stored nearby.

Accept Payments

Accept secure payments straight to your account. Get your business up and running quickly. Payments made online are all stored and easily tracked for refunds, payment history requests, and end of the year tax reports.


WPMU Dev has so many tools for business owners from speed tools to optimize your website down to improved SEO options to ensure you're reaching out to your target market.

Design Leasing

No need to pay thousands for your custom site. Much like leasing your cell phone instead of paying for the whole thing up-front, you can do the same with your website.
Hosting Packages

Different Packages For Different Businesses

Each of the hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of different businesses ranging from little to no need for annual maintenance to needing priority support.  Each package comes with the services listed above from SSL Site Security, Stock Photography, Content Delivery Networks, but all packages are limited to service needs. See more details below.

Basic Package


Premium Package


Gold Package


Platinum Package




Basic hosting package is designed for the casual website owner. If you need very few changes and only need support available for piece of mind, this plan is for you.

$75/hour Design Requests



Premium hosting package is for the new business owner that needs regular attention to their website. You receive a discounted hourly service for design requests.

$50/hour Design Requests



Gold hosting package is reserved for active websites. Made for sites that undergo regular changes and updates. This package features 2 hours complimentary design service.

2 Hour Complimentary Service
$50/hour Design Requests
Priority Service



Use me and abuse me. This package features 5 hours complimentary design service and only $30/hour rate for design requests afterward.

5 Hour Complimentary Service
Priority Service
$30/hour Design Requests

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